Job Title:           Mathematics Tutor                                                    Exemption Status: Exempt


Reports to:       Campus Principal                                                      Wage/Hour: $30.00 - $40.00 


Dept./School:  Campus (Elementary/Jr. High/High School)                 Date Revised: June 7, 2021

Primary Purpose:

Provide Mathematics instruction for struggling Mathematics students in the assigned school (Elementary/Jr.

High/High School)




Currently enrolled/attending an Accredited College or University (Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior or recent graduate

Bachelor’s degree from accredited university

Valid Texas teaching certificate with required endorsements or required training for subject and level assigned


Special Knowledge/Skills:

General knowledge of curriculum and instruction in Mathematics

Ability to instruct at-risk student and manage their behavior

Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skill


Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Plan, prepare and instruct lesson for struggling Mathematics Collaborate with classroom teachers.
  2. Prepare lessons that reflect accommodations for differences in student learning styles.
  3. Conduct assessment of student learning styles and use results to plan instructional activities.
  4. Work with classroom teachers to determine instructional goals, objectives, and methods according to district requirements.
  5. Use technology to strengthen the teaching/learning process.
  6. Conduct ongoing assessment of student achievement through formal and informal testing.
  7. Be a positive role model for students, support mission of school district.
  8. Create classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students.
  9. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
  10. Establish and maintain open communication by conducting conferences with parents, students, principals, and teachers.
  11. Use effective communication skills to present information accurately and clearly.
  12. Keep informed of and comply with state, district, and school regulations and policies for classroom teachers.
  13. Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents required.
  14. Attend and participate in faculty meetings and serve on staff committees as required.

Student Management:

  1. Manage student behavior in accordance with Student Code of Conduct and student handbook.
  2. Manage student behavior and administer discipline according to board policies, administrative regulations, and Individual Education Plans (IEP).
  3. May be required to record student attendance and discipline referrals using personal computer.


  1. Maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents, and community members.
  2. Maintain confidentially.
  3. Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills.
  4. Follow district safety protocols and emergency procedures.
  5. Other duties as assigned.


Supervisory Responsibilities:


Equipment Used:

Copier and personal computer.

Working Conditions:

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Maintain emotional control under stress. Moderate standing, stooping, bending, and lifting.