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Curriculum Coach of ELAR (525)

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TitleCurriculum Coach of ELAR
Posting ID525

Job Title:              Curriculum Coach of ELAR                                  FLSA Status:  Nonexempt (Part-Time)

Reports to:           Chief Executive Officer (HEF)                               Duty Days:   .5 (½) 187 Days

Funding Source:  Grant

Dept./School:      Curriculum and Instruction                                 Date Revised:  November 17, 2021


Primary Purpose:

The primary purpose of this position is to facilitate and coordinate the district’s campus ELAR program.  The holder of this position will provide curriculum leadership and support classroom teaching to ensure an aligned and articulated instructional program in the area of ELAR. 


Minimum Qualifications:

Valid Content Teaching Certificate


Special Knowledge/Skills:

Demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with administrators and other staff.

Treat all people with dignity and respect.

Knowledge of curriculum design, alignment, and implementation.

Ability to interpret data and evaluate instruction programs and teaching effectiveness.

Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.


Preferred Qualifications:

Content area leadership experience

Bilingual/ESL Certification


Program/Instructional Management

  1. Write and help develop scope and sequences for designated grades and content areas with aligned curriculum assessments that are aligned to TEKS and to state assessments following the district developed criteria.
  2. Work cooperatively with Chief Executive Officer (HEF), campus Principals, and teachers in the implementation of the state mandated curriculum.
  3. Plan and coordinate educational strategies with Chief Executive Officer (HEF), campus administrators, teachers and instructional support staff as needed.
  4. Remain current on general education research and trends pertinent to specific subject area.
  5. Assist in the planning and coordination of appropriate staff development based on needs assessment and performance data.
  6. Facilitate classroom instruction and informally evaluate teaching performance in the content area.
  7. Plan, organize, and preside over instructional meetings for assigned content area.
  8. Promote and hold pre-service and in-service education training in the content area.
  9. Perform demonstration lessons with students in classroom situations for observation by teachers.
  10. Coordinate district’s curricular revision, rewriting, and course distribution.
  11. Provide leadership and expertise in the development of instructional activities to meet diverse student needs.


Policy, Reports, and Law:

  1. Act as the department’s representative in dealing with content area related issues.
  2. Implement the policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and local policy in all assigned areas of responsibility.
  3. Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other required documentation.


Budget and Inventory:

  1. Administer all assigned curriculum and instruction budgets and ensure that programs are cost effective, funds are managed prudently and that the district is in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.
  2. Compile budgets and cost estimates based on documented program needs.
  3. Maintain a current inventory of supplies and equipment and recommend the replacement and disposal of equipment when necessary.
  4. Approve and forward purchase orders related to assigned budgets to accounting department.


Communications and Community Relations:

  1. Serve as a district liaison to community agencies providing services to students and notify parents and students of available services.
  2. Participate in professional organizations, particularly those groups that deal with job related issues, and serve on community boards.
  3. Articulate the district’s mission, vision, and goals in the assigned areas of responsibility to the community and solicit its support in realizing these missions.


Professional Growth and Development:

  1. Develop professional skills appropriate to job assignment.
  2. Demonstrate behavior that is professional, respectful, ethical, and responsible and serve as a role model for all district staff.
  3. Assume responsibility for own professional growth and development; for keeping abreast of current literature, new research findings, and improved techniques; and for attending appropriate professional meetings and conferences.



  1. Establish and maintain a climate that demonstrates respect and dignity for all people.
  2. Accept responsibilities the Chief Executive Officer (HEF) delegates to the position and successfully complete these assignments.
  3. Work collaboratively and cooperatively with other district departments.
  4. Attend board meetings, make appropriate presentations and attend and/or preside over other meetings as directed by the Chief Executive Officer (HEF).
  5. Complete required reports in a timely and accurate manner.
  6. Keep the Chief Executive Officer (HEF) informed of relevant program activities.
  7. Ensure that department operations contribute to the attainment of district goals and objectives.
  8. Perform all other duties as assigned.


Supervisory Responsibilities: 

Supervise staff as assigned.


Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

  • Maintain emotional control under stress
  • Work with frequent interruptions
  • Moderate lifting and carrying
  • Travel to schools and meetings
  • Prolonged sitting, standing, and walking
  • Hearing, speaking clearly
  • Working alone
  • Working prolonged or irregular hours
Shift TypePart-Time
Salary RangeBased on experience / Per Year
LocationHearne Elementary School

Applications Accepted

Start Date11/18/2021